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Do you know when you should contact a Cypress roofing company? Many homeowners wait until the damage done to their roofs is extreme before arranging for repairs. This is often done under the mistaken impression that it could save money. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Contacting a qualified roofing company as soon as you notice, or suspect, the damage is recommended. They can give you an idea of the cost of the job, which helps you budget. It also means that you will get your roof fixed before the damage spreads to inside your home.


Being familiar with the types of services Cypress-based roofers offer can go a long way. It helps new homeowners understand exactly when they should call for help. There are early signs that your roof needs repairs or replacement that you can look for. If you are uncertain but suspect that something is wrong, you can also have it inspected. These services can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run. They also guarantee that your home and belongings are protected.

Cypress Roofing Specialist

Cypress Roofing

Homeowners looking for Cypress roof repair services can contact Dependable Construction today. We have many years of experience working with new and experienced homeowners alike. There is a wide range of services offered, including repairs, replacements, inspections, and estimates. Contact us by calling (832) 362-1884 to learn more. New and returning customers are also invited to visit Dependable Construction online at Don’t wait for the damage to spread. Contact Dependable Construction to find out more about how our Cypress roofing services can help you today.


Find Cypress-Based Roofers Who Provide Estimates and Inspections


When you start your search for Cypress-based roofers, look for ones that offer inspections and estimates. An inspection is helpful if you suspect that there may be some damage to your roof but are unsure how much. In situations like these, the roofing company sends an expert roofer to your home. They then spend some time examining the roof from both the ground and the roof itself. Inspectors may also ask to see the inside of your home, particularly the top floor. They may want to examine your ceiling for signs of leaks or water damage.


Similar to an inspection, when you have an estimate completed a roofer comes to your home to examine your roof. Estimates are ideal in situations where you know you require repairs or replacements. In some cases, roofers may complete the inspection and estimate at the same time. In others, only an estimate is required. Always ask for an estimate. They let you know the type of work required along with cost. Depending on the roofing company, they may also contain a timeline for repair.


If you are in the Cypress area, you can contact Dependable Construction for inspections and estimates. We are proud to offer both of these services to new and returning clients for free. You can contact us by calling (832) 362-1884 to arrange for a visit from a roofing expert. Those with questions or concerns about the types of services provided can learn more by visiting


Signs You Need a Roofing Company in Cypress that Offers Repairs


It is important to learn the signs that you need to hire a roofing company in Cypress for repairs. Some homeowners are want to wait, hoping that the problem goes away on its own. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Instead, waiting almost always makes things worse. Small signs of damage can quickly spread, leading to costly repairs. The damage may even spread to the inside of your home. Roofs can leak, become moldy, or even collapse if left unattended.


To properly notice signs that repairs are required, you need to examine your roof on a regular basis. This does not necessarily mean climbing up each month. Instead, you should walk around looking for the following:


  • Cracked, curled, or missing shingles
  • Dark, dirty, wet, or stained shingles
  • Asphalt or granules in your gutters
  • Chimneys, vents, and pips that are in disrepair or seem worn
  • Damage to your exterior paint, especially chips or peeling
  • Interior stains on ceilings
  • Leaks after rain
  • Sagging Roof
  • Higher than usual energy bills, especially in the warm summer months


Most responsible homeowners inspect their roofs once every few months from the ground. When putting up Christmas lights in December, they may conduct a more through visual inspection.


If you notice any of the signs of damage listed above, contact Dependable Construction. We have years of experience repairing damaged roofs. You can contact us by calling (832) 362-1884 to book a free estimate or inspection. New and returning customers are also invited to contact us by visiting


When to Hire a Cypress Roofing Company for Roof Replacements


There are a few instances where you should contact a Cypress roofing company to ask about a replacement. For example, it may be cheaper to replace a roof with a lot of damage than repair it. Additionally, roofs that are older than 25 years should be replaced. Newer shingles are more energy efficient and last longer. They are also safer for the environment should a wind storm occur.


Families in the Cypress area can contact Dependable Construction for all their roofing needs. We are happy to offer free estimates and inspections. Our roofers are skilled with repairs and replacements, making us the perfect company to satisfy your roofing needs. Contact us to arrange for your free inspection or estimate by calling (832) 362-1884. You can also learn more about our variety of services by visiting Homeowners in need of the best Cypress roofing company need to look no further than Dependable Construction.


About Cypress:


  • Cypress is a beautiful area located less than 25 miles away from the heart of downtown Houston
  • The once rural area is now home to one of the largest communities in Houston
  • Residents and visitors can explore the area’s rural past along historic walks and by visiting the many parks
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