Friendswood Roofing Leak RepairYour Friendswood Roofing Leak Repair Experts After A Storm

Living in the Houston area, we are subject to significant rainstorms. And that rain, unfortunately, can overwhelm the roof of your home. If your roof has shingle damage, whether it is from a previous storm or just aging, rainwater can penetrate the roof and start leaking into your house. At this point, it is time to call Dependable Construction, Friendswood’s experts in roofing leak repairs and patches.

Leaks start out small, so it is always important that you check out your roof after a significant rain event. This is true especially if your roof is getting close to the end of its life cycle (20 to 25 years old). Small leaks can lead to bigger problems down the road due to moisture build up that causes mold and mildew—and thus weakening your roof. So it is important to get roof leak repairs and patches in Friendswood done quickly, from a reliable roofing company.

How can you tell if your roof is leaking?

There are a few key signs that you might have a significant leaking issue:

  • You start noticing algae and mold build up on your roof.
  • Buckling shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Damaged flashing (which could be a result of either aging or improper installation)
  • Granule loss
  • Poor ventilation that causes your attic to get too hot, scorching your shingles and skyrocketing your cooling bills
  • Missing shingles
  • Rotting shingles (a common problem with organic asphalt shingles)
  • And the most obvious, wet spots on your ceiling and around your interior vents

Roof leaks can be very costly. Not only will this require a roof repair or a roof replacement, but you might have to repair items in your home that may have suffered water damage. When it comes to a roof, it is always important that you stop any problem before it becomes bigger. A roof leak repair or patch from a qualified roofing company in Houston can helps you avoid costlier issues further down the road.

How can a free roof inspection from Dependable Construction help?

  • Our roofing experts can identify what is the exact cause of the roof leak and what the prognosis is for your roof.
  • Dependable Construction will give you a free, no-hassle, no-obligation free estimate for your roofing project.
  • If you agree to hire us to repair or replace your roof, we will assist you in filing a claim with your insurance company and helping you secure financing (if necessary) for your roofing project.

Don’t wait until the leak gets worse than it is now. Call Dependable Construction for a free roofing inspection and roof leak repair estimate in Friendswood TX at (832) 362-1884 or send us an email.