Friendswood hail damage repairHail Damage Repair Experts Serving  Friendswood TX

Hail doesn’t happen frequently here in the Gulf Coast, but when it does, it can cause serious damage to your roof. Hailstorms can be quite destructive to your roof—so destructive that your roof that you may need a roof replacement. Dependable Construction, a leading Friendswood roofing contractor, specializes in helping Houston area homeowners repair hail and storm damage on their residential roof.

What factors determine the extent of hail damage on your roof?

  • As with any storm, wind direction and wind speed has a wide degree of variance in a thunderstorm that produces hail. The severity of hail damage on your roof can be determined by wind conditions.
  • Hail, as you may have already seen, can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are as big as a softball and some even have very jagged edges. The shape and size of hail in a storm will be a factor in how much damage your roof will suffer.
  • The materials on your roof will also be a factor in the extent of damage. Pea-size hail can cause dings in your shingles while bigger sizes can potentially puncture it.

Natural barriers such as trees or man-made barriers, such as adjacent homes, can also provide some insulation from catastrophic hail damage. Regardless, if you experience hail damage from one of our infamous Texas storms, you need to contact Dependable Construction. Our hail and storm damage repair team in Friendswood is professional and experienced and we are happy to help get your roof back to normal.

But what does hail damage look like?

There’s a few things to look for in an asphalt shingle roof that is damaged by hail:

  • Pelts on your roofing vent cover
  • Pelts on or chips on your skylight(s)
  • Chimney cover (you might need run your chalk sideways on the cover to reveal damage if the surface is dark)
  • Loss of granules on asphalt roofing shingles, which may be minimal or severe. Regardless, it is not meant to be taken lightly, especially if you have an older roof. Even damage from small hail can exacerbate what might already be a deteriorating roof, leading to leaks inside the house.

Call Dependable Construction if you have hail damage on your roof

If your roof has been inflicted with damage from a recent hailstorm, call us today. We work with all major insurance companies and offer competitive pricing on all hail damage repair and storm damage restoration in Friendswood.