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Storms can bring high winds anywhere and the Houston area is not immune from it. High winds can cause serious damage to residential roofs. Sometimes a roofing repair might be all that’s needed; other times a new roof will have to be installed. Regardless of the severity of the damage on your roof, you can turn to Dependable Construction. We help Friendswood homeowners like you with wind damage roof repairs.

How does wind damage happen?

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, wind damage typically starts on the edge of the roof due to its susceptibility to higher wind pressures. Roofing material becomes loose and it’s only the beginning of future problems. This starts out small, but as subsequent exposures to wind can start a peeling effect that could expose insulation. Once the insulation is exposed, then moisture can get in to start leaks and further water damage.

Moreover, flying debris such as shards of glass and tree branches can cause further roof damage.

Dependable Construction can inspect your roof and see what needs to be done to secure the edges of the roof. Typically this requires better materials that are in fresher condition. This can be done via a simple wind damage roof repair or a roof replacement in Friendswood.

How can you check for wind damage on your roof?

  • Perform an outdoor inspection after a storm. Check to see if your roof has missing or damaged shingles. Damage shingles may have a curled, cracked, or torn appearance. If it covers a minimal part of the roof, then the roof can be repaired. Anything more substantial, then your roof will most likely need to be replaced. Also take into consideration the chimney, vents, roof flashing, and gutters.
  • Perform an indoor inspection. Look for moisture marks and stains on your ceiling. Also take note of peeling paint. All of these can indicate there’s damage on the roof and it is significant enough to cause leakage.

Call Dependable Construction, Friendswood wind damage repair specialists

If your roof has been damaged in a storm, then you cannot afford to wait. Get the roof fixed immediately before further damage can occur. Call the roofing professionals of Dependable Construction for high quality wind damage roof repairs in Friendswood and the Greater Houston area. We are experts in the insurance claim process, and we can make the roofing repair or replacement process more manageable. We offer free residential roof inspections as well as free estimates!