Your Friendswood Residential Roofing Contractors

Friendswood residential roofingOne of the largest investments you will make on your home is your roof. Sometimes, your roof might just need a simple shingle repair in Friendswood. Other times, your roof may be damaged enough to require an entire roofing replacement (or re-roofing). No matter what kind of residential roofing service you need, you can rely on Dependable Construction, expert Friendswood residential roofing contractors.

Since 2009, Dependable Construction has helped Houston-area homeowners just like you with their residential roof repair needs. Some of the residential roofing services we provide include:

  • Free home roof inspection
  • Home roof leak repair
  • Storm damage repair
  • Hail damage repair
  • Wind damage repair
  • New residential roof installation

Three Things That Will Let You Know You Need to Contact a Residential Roofing Contractor in Friendswood TX

We always advise everyone to look out for three key things when it comes to their home roof. Once one of these three issues surface, it is time to call a local residential shingle and roof repair contractor in Friendswood:

  • Leaks / wet spots in the ceiling: If you begin to notice wet spots or leaks from your ceiling, then it is definitely time to call. Whether it is a roof showing its age or a roof suffering damage from a recent storm, moisture is getting under the roof and into your home. This could cause significant damage to ceilings, sheetrock, or even worse—the wood frame of your home.
  • Damaged shingles: You might be noticing that your shingles are curling, cupping, cracking, or just simply worn out. Whether it is age or result of storm damage, you’re going to need to replace the shingles on your roof as soon as possible.
  • Roofing Age: While roofs are more durable than ever, those that are in older residences may be approaching the end of the useful life of their roof. If you roof is 20 or more years older, then it is definitely time to consider getting your roof replaced.

Six Reasons Why Friendswood Homeowners Choose Dependable Construction for Residential Roof Repair Services

Experience: Dependable Construction has been serving Houston area homeowners since 2009. We have helped homeowners recover from devastating storms, from Hurricane Ike to Hurricane Harvey.

Quality: We only use top quality shingles and roofing material for our residential roof repair and replacement work in Friendswood. All materials are backed by warranties from the manufacturer.

Free Inspections: We don’t believe in making you pay to see what’s wrong with your roof. That’s why we offer free home roofing inspections for our customers.

Pricing: Our rates are among the most competitive for roof and shingle repair in the Friendswood area. At Dependable Construction, we will not miss your business due to price.

Honesty: We believe in being straightforward with our customers. Our inspection and estimate process is fully transparent, and we only make recommendations on what your home needs, not what we want to sell you.

Integrity: Dependable Construction has a sterling reputation because we treat each and every one of our customers right.