New Roofing Installation Houston


Do you know what to expect from a new roofing installation Houston? Many homeowners are not sure what they are in store for when replacing their roof. This lack of knowledge can create unnecessary delays in work. This is because the roofers need to make preparations they expected to be done in advance. These delays combined with unfamiliarity with the situation can create lead to stress and anxiety.


Understanding all that is involved with a new roof installation in Houston makes things less stressful. There are three basic steps to ensuring that you are ready for roofers to arrive. The first is to prepare the inside of your home. The second is to ensure the outside is also prepared for installation. Finally, you need to consider a few other factors, such as children, pets, and neighbors. Once you take care of those three steps, you are ready for your new roof.


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Preparing Your Home’s Interior for a New Roof Installation in Houston


When reading yourself for your new roof installation in Houston, you should first prepare your home’s interior. Start at the top level of your home. Cover your furniture and other items with blankets or plastic. During installation, dust and some debris may fall loose from the ceiling. Covering up important items keeps them clean and safe from damage. In some cases, the work done could shake your walls. To protect your belongings, take down mirrors, photos, and shelves. If you have any light fixtures, you should remove them as well.

 Houston New Roofing Installation

New Roofing Installation Houston Texas

Roofers may require access to the inside of your home. This is often the case if there was extensive damage to your old roof. When you contact the roofing company, ask about interior access. You may need to remove or rearrange the furniture in some rooms to give access to damaged spots. Preparing these areas of your home in advance helps to speed along the process while protecting your belongings.


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Preparing Your Home’s Exterior for the Roofing Installation Company in Houston


It is also important to prepare the exterior of your home for the roofing installation company in Houston. Take walk along the perimeter of your home, looking for obstacles such as patio furniture or lawn ornaments. Remove these items, placing them about 20 feet away from where the roofers are meant to work. Other potential hazards you should look for and remove include:


  • Barbeque or grill
  • Potted plants
  • Children’s toys, equipment, or playhouses
  • Vehicles
  • Wading Pools


Don’t forget to include the front of your home and your driveway in your search.


Consider the need to remove your old roof and other debris. Most homeowners prefer their roofers place a dumpster in their driveway rather than the lawn. If this is the case with you, be sure you leave the roofers clear access. This means moving all vehicles, bikes, and boats out of the way. It is best not to place them in your garage. If the dumpster is there for a while, it could prevent you from being able to access the road.


Once this task is done, you should examine your roof. Remove any satellite dishes or TV antennas from your roof. If you have solar panels, disconnect and remove these as well. Christmas lights should also be taken down to ensure the roofers remain safe.


If you are in need of a new roof, you can contact Dependable Construction. Priding itself on its strong customer service skills, the company is focused on your satisfaction. New homeowners are invited to contact the friendly customer service department with any questions. These staff members are happy to help you prepare your home for your new roof. Give them a call today at (832) 362-1884 to learn more. You can also visit


Other Considerations During a New Roofing Installation Houston


Installing a new roof in Houston is noisy and dangerous work. This means it is very important to think about your pets and children. Throughout the duration of the replacement, they cannot be allowed near the workers. Falling debris can strike the ground at any time, often without warning. Keep everyone safe by staying inside or by visiting your park for fresh air. You should also contact your neighbors to let them know about the upcoming installation. This small courtesy can go a long way to smoothing over any upset feelings about the noise.


If you are looking for a new roof, contact Dependable Construction today. With skilled workers, flexible hours, and a fantastic customer service department, they are one of the area’s best. Give one of the company’s representatives a call at (832) 362-1884 to book your free estimate. Consumers can also visit them online at to learn more about their services. If you still have questions about your new roofing installation Houston, contact Dependable Construction today.


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