Wind Damaged Roof Houston


Do know what to do if you get a wind damaged roof Houston? Wind damage can happen in the middle of almost any type of storm. If you do not take care of it fast, it can cause costly damage to your home. Many homeowners are uncertain about the proper steps to take. This often results in delays in addressing the damage.


If you notice wind damage in Houston, there are three steps you should take. First, you need to examine your home, both inside and out. It is important to identify the extent of the damage early on. Second, you need to contact your insurance company. They may have specific requirements you need to fulfill. Finally, look for a reputable roofing repair company that can repair the damage fast.


Homeowners who need to repair wind damage in Houston can contact Dependable Construction. The company has been helping homeowners like you address damage for years. You can reach friendly customer service staff by calling 832-230-5171. They are happy to arrange for a free estimate or inspection. These services can give you an idea of the extent of damage and the cost of repair. Dependable Construction also has a lot of experience with insurance claims. Visit them online at to learn more.


Step One: Make Note of the Extent of Wind Damage in Houston


The first thing to do after a storm is to examine your home for wind damage in Houston. This means paying close attention to the status of your roof. Take a look at your lawn and backyard for debris, including shingles. You may also want to climb on top of a ladder to take a brief look at the top of your roof. Make note of any cracks or missing shingles. If there are large sections of damage, consider getting a tarp to prevent it from spreading.


You also need to take a look at the inside of your home. In some cases, wind damaged roofs can cause leaks or other types of damage inside. This is especially true if there were high winds. Pay attention to the top floor of your home. Look up at the ceilings and make a note of any signs of water damage. If there are marks or colored spots on your ceiling, ask your repair company about them. While they could be nothing, it could also be signs of water damage.

Wind Damaged Roof In Houston

Wind Damaged Roof Houston Texas

If you are looking for a roofing company you can trust, contact Dependable Construction. The company only employs skilled and experienced roofers. When you contact them, they can come out to your home for a free inspection. Friendly representatives can also advise you on the best way to protect your home from further damage. Give them a call at 832-230-5171 to book your estimate or inspection today. Consumers are also invited to visit them online to learn more about their services. You can find them at


Step Two: Contact Your Insurance Company About Repairing Wind Damage in Houston


The next thing you need to do is to call your insurance company about repairing wind damage in Houston. Many insurance companies have very specific requirements that must be met. If they are not, the company does not give payouts. Failure to follow their procedures could wind up costing you a lot of money. The best way to figure out what your obligations are is to contact the company directly.


If you need to wait until the agency is open, you can still be proactive. Do what you can to reduce the risk of damage spreading. This may mean putting up a tarp on your roof. You should also take multiple, detailed pictures of the damage done. In situations where the damage spreads, take pictures across multiple days. Once you do get in touch with them, ask about specific details required from the repair company. For example, some insurers require very specific details to be included on inspections or estimates. Having this knowledge in advance can help your roofer comply.


Waking up to wind damage can be scary. Contacting Dependable Construction can make the whole process easier. The company has many years of experience working directly with insurance agencies. Roofers and customer service agents understand what most insurers require and work hard to comply. Dependable Construction guarantees all work done. This means that you can be sure it complies with any and all insurer requirements. Contact friendly office staff members today at 832-230-5171 to book your free inspection. You can also visit them online at


Step Three: Look for a Company that Can Repair Your Wind Damaged Roof Houston


Finally, you need to find a company that can repair your wind damaged roof in Houston. Start your search by asking friends and family members which companies they use. You can also ask co-workers and neighbors for referrals. Once you have a list of three or four companies, start calling around. Ask how much experience the company has with these types of repairs. You should also find out if the company offers free inspections or estimates.


Dependable Construction is the perfect company to call for any type of roof damage. The business has years of experience repairing roofs and homes across the Houston area. Contact friendly staff members by calling 832-230-5171 to learn more. You can also visit them at They are happy to arrange for free inspections or estimates. In addition, the roofers employed there have years of experience working with insurance claims. They know that having a damaged roof is stressful enough. You do not need to worry about your claim not being approved as well. If you are searching for the best way to repair your wind damaged roof Houston, contact Dependable Construction today.


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